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Competition Angling Rules

2017/2018 Competition Angling Rules

In House and Open Competitions Exemptions

The rules concerning in House and Open categories for the 2014/2015 Angling Competition will be extended to include special club competition categories, as follows:
  • Max Coningsby Trophy
  • Footscray AC/APYAC competition
  • Pot of Gold competition
  • Captain and Crew Day.*
  • Tiger Lyons Whiting competition
  • Club trips

For these competition categories, members who launch away from the club to go fishing (e.g. at St Kilda Marina), or who crew for and fish with, another person who launches away from the club, will not lose eligibility to continue to compete for the In House Club Championship Trophy. Fish caught in these categories will also earn points for Club Championship categories.

*Note, the Captain and Crew event specifically eliminates a Captain’s normal crew from participating in the competition. The purpose of this competition category is to encourage an experienced captain to take a lesser experienced crew member fishing and, help him to catch a Snapper.

In House Club Champions

This category is designed to cater only for anglers who launch only from the Clubhouse and who will be eligible to win the In House Club Championship categories, so long as they only weigh fish caught from the use of Club based boats. There is nothing to stop them from fishing from elsewhere, but once they weigh any fish caught when departing from areas other than the Club (e.g. St Kilda Marina), they forfeit the right to become the In House Club Champion. This category also includes In House second and third places.

Non-Club Championship Sheet for other competition points and results

The last 2 days of Competition, Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd May are for Club Championship points also. Fish may be weighed in up until 12:00 (Noon) on 3rd May, 2015.
  • The heaviest Snapper Award (Tom Kells Memorial Trophy) is to be awarded separately for both In House and Open categories.
  • The Jack Pompei Award (most Snapper) is to be awarded separately for both In House and Open categories. There will be awards for 1st, 2nd & 3rd in this category.
  • Awards for the following competitions will be presented on the day of the competition, rather than at the Presentation Night, being: Max Coningsby; Footscray/APYAC competition; Captain and Crew; Pot of Gold; Ladies Day/s; and Tiger Lyons

Open Club Champions

Members are eligible to weigh fish they catch when launching from the Clubhouse, as well as other launching sites. The area of eligibility for this Trophy is to be within the confines of Port Phillip Bay. This category also includes Open second and third places.

Under the above arrangement, no-one can be Club Champion in both categories. Both the In House and Open Club Championships are separate competitions and seen by the Club as being equal in status.

Other Competition Rules

  • There will be a monthly award for a secret weight category, the secret weight to be determined by the Scorer.
  • The monthly award for the heaviest Snapper will be include both In House and Open categories.
  • It will not be possible to receive an award for both the heaviest Snapper and the secret weight category, which means that members can only receive one award in the monthly category.
  • There will be a monthly award in the Junior category, at the discretion of the Angling Committee.
  • Competitors can only weigh in fish for the Club Championship 3 days per week, Saturday to Friday inclusive. Any 3 days within a week may be chosen. Any fish weighed outside the 3 days Club Championship Competition can be entered in the

Whiting Competitions

  • The competition for both the In House and Open Club Championships will commence on Saturday, 7th September, 2013 at 12:01 AM and will finish on Sunday, 4th May, 2013 at 12:00 (Noon). No fish may be weighed in after 12:00 (Noon) on 4th May.
  • The minimum weight for Snapper will be 1Kg for weigh in.
  • The points system is 1 point per fish and 1 point per Kilogram thereafter.
  • Only Snapper will be eligible to weigh in for the Club Championship in both Open and In House categories.
  • For Gummy Shark and other Shark varieties, the minimum weight for weigh in will be 3Kg cleaned weight.
  • No Stingrays/Eagle Rays/Banjo Sharks may be entered for any competition.
  • Land based anglers are eligible to compete providing weigh in rules are adhered to.
  • Any incorrect entry on weigh in sheets will mean a loss of points for that angler and a second offence will eliminate him/her from further competition participation (at the discretion of the Angling Committee, on advice from the Scorer).
  • Fishing Marks must be accurately recorded so that all members receive a fair go. In this regard, the location entered on Score Sheets of where a fish is captured must be within two kilometres of the point of capture.
  • Entries on the Score Sheets should be complete and thorough in accordance with Score Sheet headings.
  • Members must not make inappropriate comments, or amendments to entries on competition sheets without concurrence of the Scorer.
  • Any breach of the angling laws could cost the Member all accrued points, at the discretion of the Angling Committee.
  • Boats housed outside the club may be entered in the competition, provided they are registered with the Boathouse Captain or Scorer.
  • Maimed fish, such as being mutilated by a shark will not be eligible.
  • A fish that has been landed on another person’s rod will be credited to the person who lands the fish.
  • If any angler has knowledge of another angler breaking the rules, they are obliged to report the offence to the Angling Committee in writing within seven days of the offence occurring.
  • Special awards will be given for any “spectacular” catches outside our jurisdiction (e.g Marlin, Sailfish, Tuna, as some Members venture into country/Interstate/International locations), at the discretion of the Angling Committee.
  • More than six Members fishing outside the Club on a Club organised trip will constitute a competition with appropriate awards, at the discretion of the Angling Committee.
  • A new category of King George Whiting champion (both In House and Open) will be awarded in 2014, based on numbers caught and weight of fish, at the discretion of the Angling Committee.
  • Members may fish more than once on a given day, but fish may only be weighed once on any day. Members should be aware that multi tripping can be illegal in certain circumstances and daily bag limits must not be exceeded.
  • When weighing in fish, all fish caught in the boat on a given day should be weighed in, including any fish caught by visitors.
  • Fish can only be weighed until 19:00 on any club meeting nights.
  • Any issues that arise, that are not adequately covered by APYAC Angling Rules will be resolved by the Angling Committee.
  • All fishing must comply with the provisions of Fisheries Law and Regulations.
  • Breaches of Angling Regulations will result in loss of competition points, at the discretion of the Angling Committee.
  • The same rules apply for Junior Championship and points scored by Juniors are eligible for Club Championship (therefore a Junior Member can become Club Champion).

The Above Rules must be strictly adhered to.
Decisions by the Scorer and the Angling Committee will be final and binding.

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